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3D Systems Printer Materials

Stratasys alternative consumables

Protocom offers an alternative to FDM printing material used in Stratasys 3D printers.

The materials are 100% compatible with machines of the Dimension, Fortus, Prodigy, Titan, Vantage, Quantum and Maxum series.
The FDM 3D printer material ABS X-TREME replaces the manufacturer’s original ABSplus material and can be used instead of the following products: ABS P400, ABSplus P430 and ABS M30.

Our products are 100% compatible with those of the original manufacturer and can be used as an alternative without any risk.
We offer you to test our materials without obligation in order to convince yourself.

Dimension Series

  • Dimension SST 1200es
  • Dimension BST 1200es
  • Dimension SST 1200
  • Dimension BST 1200
  • Dimension Elite
  • Dimension SST768
  • Dimension BST768
  • Dimension SHDM-1000

Fortus Series

  • Fortus 200mc
  • Fortus 250mc
  • Fortus 360mc
  • Fortus 400mc
  • Fortus 900mc

FDM Series

  • Titan
  • Vantage
  •  Maxum/Quantum