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Geomagic Sculpt

Freeform 3D Design You Can Touch
Geomagic Sculpt

3D Design You Can Touch

Geomagic® Sculpt is a fast, accurate virtual sculpting software platform that enables you to easily create free-flowing organic designs for products, sculptures, artwork that can simply not be achieved in CAD. Geomagic Sculpt operates with both a standard mouse or with a Geomagic haptic device, for a true sense of touch while working as the most intuitive way to create functional and beautiful products for 3D printing and manufacturing.

Design The Impossible

Geomagic Sculpt picks up where your CAD system stops, so you can design like never before while working within established workflows. Create and design beautiful, detailed organic forms—designs that would be impossible in CAD—because with Sculpt, you’re not constrained by anything except your imagination. Use a combination of autosurfacing, voxel 'clay' and SubD surfaces to create exactly what you want.

Build Elaborate Designs from Your CAD Models

Import your MCAD data and work it into elaborate product designs that go beyond geomatric CAD shapes. Build beautiful designs around scanned data of key geometric parts to ensure that assemblies will work inherently. Quickly boolean out CAD data as needed to be able to preview, print and manufacture your final design.

Touch Your Design and Design with a Mouse

Use 3D tools for 3D designs. Geomagic Sculpt helps you break free of the old design paradigm with an included 3D Systems Touch haptic stylus. Feel your design take shape with intuitive force-feedback that allows you to better understand your creation. But if you should be without your haptic for a day and need to make design changes, Geomagic Sculpt will work just as well with your mouse.

3D Print-Ready

You can cut the guesswork, because Geomagic Sculpt produces 3D-printable files every time. No more wavering about whether your design is solid or watertight. Sculpt will even check for common printability issues, like feature size and proximity, and flag them so you can make changes before you print.

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